Earn points with every purchase you make!  For every $50 you spend with us you will earn a $5  Gift Certificate which can be use towards a future purchase.  That's 10% off every purchase just for being a loyal customer.

*Please note: Reward points will not be earned for purchases using Gift Certificates or Coupons. Rewards points are associated with your account and are only valid when used with the email address attached to your account. These points are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash or legal tender and cannot be duplicated, altered or auctioned on any web site. Rewards points may be applied towards any in-stock merchandise available on  and shall not apply  to previous purchases.  On returns, the gift certificate portion of the purchase will forfeited.  We reserve the right to change the rewards points earning percent at any time. You may combine the totals of multiple unused Gift Certificates (up to $30 max).  Please note that only one Gift Certificate is redeemable per order and it is not to exceed $30.

Reward Points FAQs

  1. Do my points expire?
  2. How do I earn points?
  3. If I return an item, what happens to my points?
  4. How do I use my points?
  5. Can I use more than one Gift Certificate per order?
  6. When do my Gift Certificates expire?
  1. Do my points expire?

    A: No, your points do not expire. If you opt out of the program, you will cease earning points. When you opt back in, you will start earning points again. You do not earn points when you are opted out of the program, and you can not redeem points from past purchases made when not active in the program.
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  2. How do I earn points?

    A: For every dollar you spend on, you will receive 1 point.

    No points are earned for tax and shipping costs. No points are earned for amounts discounted from full price and points will be deducted accordingly for any returned items.

    Dollar amounts will be rounded down to the nearest point.

    Examples of Typical Cases:
                                      $10 Purchase (pre tax, pre shipping) = 10 points earned
                                 $50.75 Purchase (pre tax, pre shipping) = 50 points earned
                                    $107 Purchase (pre tax, pre shipping) = 107 points earned                                         

     Examples of Special Circumstances:

       $10 purchase with 10% off coupon (pre tax, pre shipping) = 9 points earned
          $10 purchase with $5 off coupon or gift certifcate (pre tax, pre shipping) = 5 points earned


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  3. If I return an item, what happens to my points?

    A: Points or previously issued gift certificates will be deducted upon the return of merchandise equal to the value of the returned item.
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4. How do I use my points?

A:   If you have at least 50 reward points, 30 days after your last qualifying purchase a Gift Certificate coupon for $5 will be emailed to you.   Copy this Gift Certifcate code and after selecting "Gift Certifcate" on the checkout page, paste the code you copied in the Gift Certifcate box and click "continue". 

5.  Can I use more than one Gift Certificate per order?

        A: You can combine all valid, unused Gift Certificate totals in to one Gift Certificate (up to $30) by contacting us here.

6.  When do my Gift Certifcates expire?

            A:  Gift Certifcates do not expire.



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